Untamed Performance

A cathartic ritual for the cleaning up of Manichaeism, the standardization of the body and the lifestyle still imposed for contemporary woman by the patriarchal system.
The performance starts with a digital lift of words from the public culminating in a multimedia ritual to question how we respond to extremes of life experience as part of the same embodiment of our thoughts: what imprisons us and what sets us free.
The task of starting this levant of Self-liberation ritual that goes beyond gender dualities falls to the feminine triad created in #LiveLivingPerformanceProject to promote resistance to the self-worship and sexist culture.
On the stage, Lícia D.B. comes to speak of courage and freedom by exposing the poetry of how different we are. The writer Madame C. Bécamier insists in personal mythology as a form of increasing and celebrating Self-steam. And the mastermind of the project, the performer Madame C.B. works in diverse media promoting an “artivism” to dismantle dualities and cultivate lightness in the female body.