Tropic of capricorn

Four transsexuals are brought in to a hotel room on the same night. Each trans woman is asked to lay on a bed in an empty room and reveal herself to a camera mounted on the ceiling. As the film progresses, their stories blend, separate and overlap in a beautifully-constructed collage of multi-coloured images. They share with the camera their fantasies, hopes, questionings and experiences in the streets of Sao Paulo.
– Best Documentary | Sopot Independent Film Festival | Poland
– Honorable Mention | AluCine Toronto Latin@ Media Festival | Canada
– Best Film Nomination | International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari | Romania
– Best Film Nomination | Mostra do Filme Livre | Brazil
– Kunst Film Biennale | Germany
– Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin de Nouveau Cinéma et Art Contemporain | France
– 15th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival | Brazil
– Split – International Festival of New Film | Croatia
– Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival | Portugal
– Portobello Film Festival | England
– Exis Experimental Film & Video Festival | Korea
– 9th International Video Festival Videomedeja | Serbia & Montenegro
– Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival | Switzerland
– Festival Mix Brasil de Cinema e Vídeo | Brazil
– VAD Festival Internacional de Vídeo i Arts Digitals | Spain
– Mostramundo, Festival da Imagem em Movimento | Brazil
– 1st Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts (AFIA) | Denmark
– International Videofestival Bochum | Germany
– Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival | Canada
– Videolab | Portugal
– The First and the Last Experimental International Film Festival | Australia
– Canarias Media Fest | Canarias Islands
– MIX New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival | USA
– Tirana International Film Festival | Albany
– 10th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival | USA
– Aza Film Festival | Greece
– Monkeytown | USA